TIPS: Touchup

Do not throw away the touch-up paint! - There is NO known shelf life on latex paint! Store in a dry place that will avoid freezing.

Using touch up paint --
Spread out a drop cloth to protect surrounding surface; (Don't use newspaper). Open can carefully. Stir up paint thoroughly with a wood paint paddle or appropriate substitute. Stir until the paint is even in consistency, with no clear or thin liquid on top. Pour a small amount of paint into a paint pot or a clean container. (Do not paint out of the original can.) Do not obliterate the words on the can so that you can't read them. Choose an appropriate brush for the job. We suggest 2" or 2½" angle brush for small jobs and 3" for larger jobs. It is in most cases worth it to own high quality brushes. Clean brushes thoroughly with a wire brush and keep them wrapped in original cardboard or paper cover. They will last a lifetime.

If you are using the touch-up paint within about 6 months after originally applied, you may be able to apply a spot in the middle of a large surface without it showing. On critical surfaces you may need to paint from corner to corner and from ceiling to floor for interior surfaces. On exterior surfaces, look for natural break points for touch-up, i.e. the edge of siding board, etc. Don't apply paint in under 40 degree weather.

When finished using the touch-up paint, pour excess paint from your pot back into the can, wipe out the lip edge of the paint can and replace the lid. We suggest you tap the lid back on with a rubber mallet and not a hammer, so as not to damage the can.

Keep the lid on all paint cans tight. Many cans of paint are simply unusable because the lid was not on properly. Latex paint has no known shelf life, so you can store it for years. Oil paint breaks down after 5-10 years.

Do not obliterate the name and numbers of paint on the can. If you use the paint from the can, be sure to wipe any excess off. Pour paint out of the back of the can. Write down the paint manufacturer, type of paint and color name and number and put it into your permanent inventory. There are a lot of possibile ways to store your belongings, such as paper and electronically.

Do not use up every drop of the touch-up paint, if it is a custom color. It is much easier to match paint if you have a wet sample. Remember that paint colors change slightly over the years. If you use paint from the original can for touch-up, you have a better chance of having it match, than from a new can.

Anything over about one year may have changed enough to be noticed. We suggest you always touch up a panel instead of one small spot. Have a cut-off point where it won't show any difference, such as a corner.

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