TIPS: Paint Storage

Storage of Paint--
Store in a cool dry place. Attached garages are better than detached garages. Do not let it freeze. Do not store outside in a metal or wood storage shed that has extreme temperatures.

Turn the can upside down to make it easier to mix or stir when ready to use.

It takes 30 days for paint to cure. It will not achieve its final properties for up to 30 days, so be careful of fresh paint. Don't wash with any chemicals & avoid touching it a lot. for the first 30 days.

All touch-up paint should be stored in a cool dry place.

Clearly label all paint by room and/or surface, color name and number, date applied, paint type and paint manufacturer. We also try to leave that information on the touch-up cans.

An example would be:

We suggest you keep these items written down. Mr. Painterman keeps this data in our computer. We suggest an Excel file to store important names and numbers


We also suggest that you pass this touchup paint on to a new owner, should you sell your house. If he/she likes the colors, it is much easier to match wet samples than try to match an existing wall.

Disposing of old paint can be tricky, so be aware of the rules in your local area. Small amounts of latex paint can usually can be washed down the kitchen sink, flushing with water. This material is filtered at the sewage treatment plant. If you dump it down the storm drains outside, it can be carried to rivers and oceans.

You can also dry any type of paint and then dispose of it. You can spread it out to dry on sheets of cardboard or other creative methods. Once it's dry, throw it out with trash. There are also toxic waste disposal sites available in most areas you can use. There may be a charge for this service.

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