TIPS & INFO: Exteriors

Exterior preparation is important! High pressure water is used in many cases to remove grime, mildew, mold, loose peeling paint and dirt. This is an excellent time to have your concrete walks and driveways cleaned thoroughly. We recommend that you have us clean these areas at least every 2 years for appearance and safety (slipping).

Exterior surfaces, such as siding, doors, casings and windows are sanded, dusted and cleaned as necessary to remove dirt. The new paint must adhere and proper preparation will ensure a good job. Excessively dirty surfaces are cleaned as needed.

Any loose paint must be scraped away first before sanding, cleaning and caulking. We use sharp metal scrapers to remove any loose, peeling paint left after pressure washing. These surfaces are thoroughly sanded and dusted off. In extreme cases we also use infra-red heat to remove the old paint. (Blow torches are dangerous and inefficient and are NOT used). Cracks are caulked with latex caulking. Holes are filled with exterior spackle or caulking, depending on finish coat used. Unusual preparation needs are thoroughly discussed before the job starts.

Cover Up
We use drop cloths to protect your concrete and asphalt. We mask off windows and doors with 3M plastic film to keep overspray and splatters off the surface. It is much easier and wiser to keep paint off unwanted surfaces than to clean it off after the fact. We use clear plastics to cover most of your windows. We cover and protect your plants with reasonable care. Some minor pruning may be necessary to gain access to the surface being painted to produce a quality job. We also use masking paper to mask certain items.

We use some oil based and mostly acrylic primers on raw, bare and weathered wood as is needed. We usually prime as we go to protect the wood from rain before the finish coat(s) are applied. This makes the job ready for painting immediately after the rain stops. We also renail loose siding as we prepare surface. Any boards that need replacing are extra unless it is agreed before starting. We always discuss any wood replacement BEFORE it is completed.

We use brushes, rollers of various sizes and airless spray to apply the paint. The decision to use a particular method of application depends on weather conditions, surfaces size and texture and desired affect. Whatever method is used, a great looking and lasting surfaces is always our goal. Most of the time we use a flat 100% acrylic on the body and an acrylic satin on most trim. We use satin to make trim surfaces look better and to keep dirt from adhering.

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