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Painterman Professional house painting


Mr. Painterman specializes in

We repaint existing exterior residential homes, mostly the Eastside of Seattle. Read more!
We repaint existing interior residential homes, from a couple rooms to the entire house. Read more!
We finish new and existing natural wood decks of cedar, redwood, mahogany, soft wood etc. We also restore many painted decks to natural wood finish. Read more!
We finish new and existing natural wood railings on houses and decks with a combination of natural finishes and paint. Read more!
We pressure wash exteriors and decks as preparation for finishing and painting. We pressure wash decks in between restaining cycles. We also perform regular maintenance on driveways, walks, bricks, retaining walls. Read more!
We install new trim around plain vinyl or aluminum exterior windows. We install new crown, door and window casings, chair molding and new baseboard. Read more!
Over 35 years of choosing and mixing paint colors gives us the experience to help you create a classic look for your home. We use classic colors with soft to medium contrasting trim colors, using crisp, rich vibrant accent colors to make your home unique. We may use large paintout paint chips and/or actual wet samples of paint during the final color selection process. We make this process fun, instead of stressful. Read more!
A list of other building trades and services to assist you in choosing those services. It is always better to have a referral to someone than to start from an unknown. Read more!

Painterman professional painting services Painterman professional painting services Painterman professional painting services Painterman professional painting services